1) Pass through a grater two cloves and an apple. Mix with 0.5 tsp of honey. Eat the thin gruel during the day in 3-4 intakes. Every day prepare a new portion of thin gruel. The thin gruel facilitates breath.  

2) For preventive maintenance of frequent colds, since autumn till the end of spring every day 2-3 times eat on a clove.

3) Take 1kg of dry garlic of average size. Clear them, crush cloves, and put in a 3l glass jar. From above pour 1l of Vodka (alcohol 400). Close with a polyethylene (kapron) cover and leave for 15-30 days. After that add 1 tsp of this tincture in a glass of milk and take 15-20 minutes prior to meal. Repeat three times a day.

The named solution is taken from October till May. In summer months - recess. The solution washes away the slag, frequent colds recede, the breathlessness is facilitated, the cardiac infarction is warned, sight and hearing improves, occurrence of tumor is warned, and the person feels looked younger.

(M: who does not digest whole milk, instead of milk can use Ayran - a half glass of warm boiled water, mixed with about a half glass of kefir)