CABBAGE PLANT PESTS. Cabbage moth larvae

Tahin fly, riders, and trichogramma egg parasites vs cabbage moth larvae

Cabbage moth larvae (caterpillar) nibble on the leaves of cabbage holes of irregular shape, pierce, and pollute the cabbage head.
            Cabbage moth larvae: young - light green, adults - greenish or brownish with a yellowish-brown lateral stripe. The length of their bodies is up to 50mm. This polyphagous pest is often found in beets, and even corn. Pupae overwinter in the soil. In early summer, butterflies fly (brownish-gray with dark transverse stripe on the front wings, wingspan up to 59mm). They lay eggs in groups (10 - 40 pieces) on the underside of leaves. Each female moth can lay more than two thousand eggs. Typically, cabbage moth gives one or two generations.
            Various parasites kill the pest - tahin fly, riders, Trichogramma-egg parasites.
            Need to plant out cabbage early, thoroughly to destroy the weeds; do not delay with autumn tillage.