Products : 1 carcass of a goose (weight 3,5-4kg), Shpik (the salted pork fat)– 250g, a set of aromatic roots, 2 onions, 300-400g veal, 100-150g mushrooms,  8-10 peas of black peppers, salt, a flour, 1 glass of wine, 1 wine-glass of brandy


Clean and wash out carcass of a goose well. Chop off legs and wings.  Salt them from outside and inside. Hold within 24 hours at temperature nearby 10оС. In a paunch of a goose put the mushroom slices and sew up with a thread. In the big saucepan (such that the goose in it was located with block) put consistently:

- The straws of salted pork fat,

- Rings of onions,

- Veal (scraps) and chopped aromatic roots.

Above them place a goose, goose legs and wings. Close the saucepan densely with cover. Put on moderate fire. When the salted pork fat will start to fry, pour in (with a spoon) about 1litre of warm water. Then add pepper and wine. After an hour turn the goose and continue stew another an hour. Thus, pour out a part of fat and add a little warm water. Take out the goose, release from a thread. Cut to the portions. Rub the juice, fill with a little flour, add brandy and put on weak fire for 10 minutes. Garnish every portion of goose meat (and stuffing) with boiled cauliflower filled with oil (or fried sauerkraut) and pickled cucumbers.

Serve up the sauce separately in a sauce-boat.


It is translated from book «Art of cooking», Author Sophia V. Smolnitska. 1987.