For recognition of Nitric fertilizer, 1 tbsp of the fertilizer is dissolved in a glass of clear water, periodically stirring slowly with a wooden wand. Then a part of the solution is poured in a test glass, is added alkali in it (soda, ashes) and is looked, whether ammonia (in the absence of a smell of ammonia a test glass lower in hot water) is secreted. If ammonia is secreted, this is fertilizer nitric (ammoniac) … 

Potassium fertilizers are easy for distinguishing on appearance. The powder of white colour reminding table salt - a potassium chloride; a powder with an admixture of large crystals of various coloring - potassium salt; white or with tints of a brownish –yellow crystals - potassium sulphate.

Phosphoric fertilizers are characterized by such signs: white, sometimes a grey powder with the sour smell, often smeared - superphosphate “single”; the same fertilizer, but in granules - granulated superphosphate; dark grey or brown, thin milled odourless powder - phosphorite flour.