Ashes - the most valuable fertilization, it deserves the widest using at cultivation of a potato and vegetable cultures. It contains potassium, phosphorus, calcium, microelements - silicon, sulphur, etc. In soil ashes is scattered under the basic cultivation of soil or locally - in furrows, holes at additional fertilizing of plants. At continuous entering the dose depends on ashes kind. On 100m2 areas 20-30kg ashes of grassy plants or 60-70kg ashes of wood is introduced.

At entering of ashes into holes it is mixed carefully with soil, avoiding contact with sprouting seeds or roots of plants. For additional fertilizing 1-1.5 glasses of wood ashes is dissolved in a bucket of water. Thus fertilizing solution should be mixed more often. Because in ashes there is no nitrogen, the additional fertilizing with ashes is useful alternating to additional fertilizing with a solution of a mullein, liquid dung, urine of animals.

It is not allowed to mix ashes with solutions of organic fertilizers in order to avoid nitrogen losses.

It is necessary to store ashes in dry rooms, avoiding its humidifying