EARLY HARVEST POTATOES. Agricultural practices (on an example of Central Asia)

To get an early potato, tubers germinated in the light, with a short (1-2cm), strong shoots are placed in rows on baskets or in boxes on the bottom of which pre-poured 2 - 3cm layer of humus, mixed with sawdust in half. Each row of tubers is cowered with layer of the same mixture. And so, to the fifth and seventh rows. After that filled containers sprinkled with water at room temperature, so as to wet the bottom layer of the soil, and put in a room with a temperature of 15-17°C. After a day or two the tubers are abundantly watered with fertilizer solution (20g of potassium salt and 60g of superphosphate in a bucket of water). If there is no chemical fertilizers, for the same amount of water can put a glass of the ash. Two days later, fertilizing watering is repeated. Tubers are planted in the sixth or seventh day after laying them in baskets (boxes) with a mixture of humus. 
First, each hollow is put humus soil. Thoroughly mix the soil in hollow with the fertilizer. Carefully, germinated tubers are removed from the basket (box) and planted. Planting is watered and sprinkled with straw, dry soil. Further care of the plants as usual. 
There is another way of processing with nutrient solution before planting.100kg of tubers need solution of 0.2kg of super phosphate, 1g of boric acid and 1g of copper sulfate (blue vitriol).