Cabbage moth

PESTS of PLANTS. Cabbage moth.

            Caterpillar of cabbage moth gnaws in cabbage leaves the "windows" skinned over by a thin skin.
Caterpillar of cabbage moth is spindle-shaped with rare bristles, in the beginning yellowish, then light green, length 7 - 12mm, with 16 legs. Pupas (seldom butterflies) are wintered, on weeds or the vegetative leavings. Front wings of butterfly are narrow, brown with a white strip, hind - grey, with a long fringe. Each female moth lays up to 170 eggs on the bottom side and leaf stalk. Approximately in a week caterpillars are born.  Caterpillars do in pulp of leaves "mines" and live there two-three days.  Then they behave an open way of life, one-sidedly skeletonizate the leaves (windows). At the slightest touch to caterpillars, they wriggle, curl and go down from leaves on silky spider web.
            In the south the moth cabbage gives five-eight generations.
            Against caterpillars the preparation entobakterin-3 is effective, for example.
It is necessary to clean carefully after harvest the vegetative leavings where pupas can winter and also to weed out promptly.