Bacterial canker (cancer) of tomato - scab

       The bacterial canker of tomato mostly meets on the plants of a tomato which are grown up on easy sandy soils. The vascular system is affected (plants wither). Secondary defeat - speck on leaves and fruits, and also aphtha on footstalks and veins of leaves, stalks and fruit stems. The Bacterial canker of a tomato slowly develops. Sheet segments, and then and all sheet at first wither, on affected parts the dark strips passing in ruptures of a tissues are visible. At a cut of sick fruits taenia tubule look yellowish. Other type of defeat - « the bird's eye » - stains on fruits white with dark cracks in the centre, at the reddened fruits of a stain yellowish with the dark middle also are surrounded by a light aureole.
       The Bacterial cancer of a tomato extends through infected seeds and soil (from the vegetative rests), and also at topping of plants. Bacteria can be transferred by a wind, a rain and, getting on a plant, infect it, getting through mechanical damages.
       In struggle against the Bacterial canker of a tomato:
- Important in due time to destroy sick plants,
- To replace soil in hotbeds,
- Before topping of plants to delete affected bushes,
- To avoid mechanical damages of plants.