500g rice, 250g qazi (homemade horse sausage), 250g fat, 400g carrots, 2-3 onions, salt and spices: Zira (cumin), barberry, coriander, ground red pepper - to taste. 
            Qazi put in a saucepan with cold water and boil on medium heat for 2 hours. Once the water boils, make a puncture with an awl in a few places of qazi. Melt well the fat in the pot with a spherical bottom. Slightly fry the onions in it. Put shredded carrot, lightly stir with onions. Put whole qazi. Cover with water and boil until carrot ready. Add salt and spices. 
            Lay soaked (1.5-2 hours) rice in the pot evenly. Fill water so that liquid is made of a layer of rice at 1.5cm. Increase the flame and make rapid boil. When the water evaporates, shovel the rice layer. If rice is not swollen, pour some hot water and boil until rice swollen. Then collect pilau to middle of the pot. Do punctures in several places of pilau with a cane. 
Tightly cover with the pelvis (or dish). Remove the fire and let stand for 25-30 minutes. 
            When pilau ready, take out qazi, cut into circles. M
ix pilau well, put on a platter heaped. Cover with sliced
​​pieces of qazi.