This pilau is prepared for large numbers of people at weddings, on holiday treats. The recipe is made from for 1 person: 150g rice, 150g yellow carrot, 150g meat, 50g butter, 15g onion, 10g raisins, 15g no’hot (peas), 1g peppercorns, 1g zira (cumin) or other spices (optional), 0.5g sugar, salt - to taste.
Wash rice 4-5 times and soak along zarchava powder (food coloring, golden-yellow color, made from the root of a tropical plant) for 2-3 hours. Cut carrots like a big straw. Chop onion rings in width 0.5cm. Divide meat with bones into 0.5-1 kilo bits. In a large cast iron pot strongly to a white haze, heat oil. Put meat pieces and fry until golden brown. Put the onion and fry the meat until soften. Evenly put sliced carrots, pre-soaked peas, black pepper and other spices. Add water to the level of the contents of the pot and cook for 1 hour at moderate heat. When the peas are softened, add salt and sugar. Soaked rice lay over the carrots evenly. Pour hot water in an amount sufficient to swell the rice (the quantity of filled water depends on how much the variety of rice absorbs water).
After laying the rice remove heat. Put small split logs and set fire to a strong flame. With the rapid boiling and evaporation, stir the upper part of pilau with kapgir (big skimmer) several times. At the same time ensure that the rice cooked evenly, become soft and crumbly at the same time was. Then collect pilau on the middle of the pot. Do in several places punctures. Tightly cover with the pelvis. Reduce the heat and bring to a readiness in own steam for 20-40 minutes.
When pilau ready, take out the meat, cut into small pieces. Pilau mix completely. Put on lagans (dishes). Lay the meat on top of pilau on lagans and serve up.

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