1kg rice, 800g meat, 350g fat, 800g yellow carrots, 3-4 onions, 3-4 garlic, 2 quince, 150g no’hot (peas), 50g raisins, 50g pomegranate seeds, salt and spices to taste;
For decorations – a radish, an onion and 2 hard-boiled eggs.
In hot oil fry onions, then sliced meat, until golden brown. Put shredded carrots and fry with the meat until half-ready. Add soaked before no’hot, peeled slices of quince, and whole garlic. Add water and simmer until no’hot soft. Salt and pepper it only after no’hot ready (otherwise it would be difficult to weld no’hot). After checking the readiness of all the products, lay in rice. Cover with water and cook on high flame up to evaporations of superfluous water. Sprinkle with raisins. Cover pilau. Let to stand for  20 -25 minutes. Separately cook hard-boiled eggs, cut into slices. Onion cut as rosettes (or baskets).
Open pilau. Remove the quince, and garlic. Stir the ready pilau.  Lay on lagan (dish). Put the meat slices on top. Decorate with rosettes of onions, pomegranate seeds, garlic, egg slices and quince.
This pilau is a good decoration of a festive table.

Label: how to cook palov