Not sour Qatiq (kefir, curdled milk or other sour-milk products) put in a canvas sack. A sack suspend over a pan. A liquid give to flow down. This liquid can be used in cosmetics or for head washing, or as the useful soft drink improving micro flora of intestines (as disbacteriosis preventive maintenance).

When all liquid will flow down, suzma is ready to use. It is possible to use suzma in salads, in preparation Ayran (soft drink).

In suzma there are tens the most useful vitamins, microelements, a digestible protein. Avicenna appointed the suzma, in particular, at illnesses of a liver and an anemia. 

It is possible to make of it Qurut (tasty dried salty balls in the size in a sweet cherry). From a table spoon salted suzma is rolled the ball. It is good to dry the bolls under the sun. Although of the fact that qurut salty, in tropical countries they eat qurut for relief of thirst. Qurut is long stored and does not spoil.

            Sour suzma it is not recommended to persons with the raised acidity of gastric juice.