Wart - not inflammatory nodular formation on a skin of virus etiology


1. Every evening before a dream cautiously drip a droplet of acetic acid on a wart. Acid “burns” a wart. In 2-3 days the wart will fall.

2. If on a foot there is a big wart it is necessary to put a foot in a hot bath with household soda. After the wart top becomes friable, it is necessary well scrape away a top of the wart with pumice. Dry up the foot with a towel. On a wart put a piece of crude meat. Fix with plaster and bandage for 3-4 days. At this time do not wet this place. After that, remove a bandage. Once again wash out the foot in hot water with household soda. The wart will fall.

3.  Rub a fresh cut of garlic a top of a wart of 8-10 times in day. In 3-4 days the wart will fall.

4.  Grind seeds of onion and salt. Put on a wart and fix. Repeat every day while the wart will not fall.

5. Each hour smear on a wart a milk of leaves of a fig. Helps to deliverance from warts and birthmarks.