500g lamb, 500g turnips, 3 onions, 0.5 tsp zira (cumin), pepper and salt - to taste.

Fat mutton with fat and bones cut into pieces of approximately 15-20g. Add salt, and spices, mix with chopped onions and set aside. Peel turnips, rinse under running water. Turnips cut into slices of a length of 5-7cm in width 3-4cm and 1cm thick. Add slices of meat and turnips together, put them in an enamel pot. Cover the dish, press down load and fill it with water so as to cover the contents. Put on fire. After boiling, immediately reduce the flame to the limit and simmer for 60-70 minutes.

Before serving, slices of meat and turnips are put on a plate. Sauce is submitted separately.


These are very tasty