For the dough: 1kg flour, 2 eggs, 2 tsp salt, 0.5 cups of water.

For the gravy: 500g of meat, 3-4 potatoes 3-4 onions, 1 turnip, 3-4 tomatoes, 5-6 cloves of garlic, 2 peppers, 300g of cabbage, salt and spices - to taste.

300g fat for frying and stewing.

Knead the dough as for the dumplings. Roll out into a big thick sheet of 2-3mm. Sprinkle with flour. Fold like an accordion and cut the noodles into 4-5mm wide. Boil the noodles in boiling salted water. Remove and rinse 2-3 times in cold water. Transfer to a colander and leave to the leaking all the moisture.

Prepare Kayla (gravy). Cut the fat and meat into small slices, dice potatoes, shred carrots, radishes, cabbage, and sweet pepper, cut onions as rings, tomato into slices. Chop garlic. Melt the fat (instead of melted mutton fat can be used any other fat or vegetable oil). Slightly fry the onions in it. Put the meat and fry until they separate out the juice. Put the garlic, tomatoes, sweet pepper, and carrot. Fry all, stirring often, until half ready. Cover with water, bring to boil. Add the salt. Introduce spices, put the radish and cabbage. Simmer over very low heat until cooked all the products. If much moisture evaporates, pour a little broth in which noodles were cooked. Consistency should be semi- liquid.

When the sauce is ready, dip the noodles in boiling water, and put a layer on a dish. Pour sauce on top.


These are very tasty