The best way of increase of fertility of soil is application of fertilizers, especially organic - humus, manure (2-4kg on 1m2). Horse and cow manure close up in soil in the spring. Fertilizers in regular intervals scatter on a plot. After that start to continuous digging–up soils on 25-30sm

These can be done in the autumn or in the spring; however the best term is  autumn. At digging–up a plot put steeply a shovel, that facilitates work. Carefully delete rhizomes of long-term weeds. In such kind the plot "goes" towards the winter.

In the spring as soon as tops of crests will dry up, level soil with a rake to keep a moisture. Before sowing of seeds or planting of sprouts slightly dig over the soil, and then level again. For a winter havy soils has compressed, therefore it is necessary to dig over heavy soils on full depth (25-30sm) in spring. Under prelanding process of soil introduce mineral fertilizers.

Interval between processing of soil and sowing of seeds or sprouts planting should be no more than 2-3 hours. 

If the plot has not been dug up and fertilized in the autumn, spring processing perform similarly autumn, but without abandonment large lumps of soil.