Reasons of change of a microflora of a large intestine:

- Extreme climate-geographical conditions,
- Pollution of biosphere by industrial wastes and various chemical substances,
- Infectious diseases,
- Illnesses of digestive organs,
- A defective feed,
- Ionizing radiation.
In development of a disbacteriosis of a large intestine the big role play:
- Application of antibiotics and Sulfanilamide’s,
- Immunodepressants,
- Steroid hormones,
- A roentgen therapy,
- Surgical operation.
Antibacterial preparations together with a pathogenic microflora suppress as well a normal microflora in a large intestine. The microbes which have got from the outside, and-or resistant against medicinal preparations are as a result multiplied:
- Staphylococci,
- Proteus,
- Yeast fungus,
- Enterococcus,
- Blue pus bacillus.