Hips are rich with:
· sugar,
· tannins,
· lemon acid.
· vitamin C, vitamin P, vitamin K, carotin, vitamins of B group.
Hip infusions are applied in the people as means providing digestion improvement (at gastritis with the hypoacidity), and also as antisclerotic means and as a polyvitaminic drug.
Hips are appointed at:
- Illnesses of a liver and kidneys,
- Illnesses of a bladder,
- Tuberculosis,
- Hepatitis,
- Cholecystitis (as choleretic means),
- Stomach ulcer and a duodenal ulcer.
            Infusion is prepared from calculation 20g (two table spoons) hips on a cup of boiled water. It is boiled in the closed enameled pot within 10 minutes. Hip infusion is drawing in the closed pot (well in a thermos) within a day. For improvement of taste and increase of salutary qualities of Hip infusion it is possible to add honey. Hip infusion is drunk on a half-cup or on a cup two times a day (it is better in the morning and before a dream).
At the hyperacidity, hip infusion is diluted with boiled water and is drunk after meal. If there is iron deficiency anemia or illnesses of blood the dose is appointed by the doctor- haematologist.