Apples contain:
· vitamin C,
· organic acids,
· pectin,
· tannins,
· painting substances,
· carotin (provitamin A),
· vitamins of group B,
· organic iron”,
· organic phosphorus”,
· volatile production,
· manganese,
· copper
· potash.
Fruits of an apple-tree (preferably wild) are used at hypovitaminosis.
Apples promote remove from an organism uric and sorrel acids that causes their using at:
- Propensity to stone formation,
- Sclerosis,
- Gout,
- Rheumatism,
- Stool retention,
- Colitis
and as a diuretic.
The powder from a dried peel of apples (one table spoon on a cup of boiled water) is recommended at stones in a bladder and in kidneys.
 At iron deficiency anemia raw apples is better to eat without culinary processing.