The quince has high nutritious and health-improving properties. The quince contains vitamins more than in an apple, plum and a pear, and also (depending on a kind):
- Sugar 7.0-19.0%,
- Apple and lemon acid 0.1-1.6%,
- Tannins 0.4-1.7%,
- Pectin 0.7-2.3%,
- Minerals: iron, potash, manganese, copper, cobalt, etc.
            The quince complexion improves. Quince fruits are used as a diuretic. Quince was used at:
- The diseases of intestines accompanied by diarrheas,
- An anemia.
            Avicenna (ibn-Sina) considered, that, quince juice is useful at such illnesses as "standing breath, an asthma, emptysis", and potion from quince fruits lifts "falling appetite".