The apricot (pulp of fruits) contains:
- The general sugar from 8.4 to 27.0%,
- Dextrine,
- Inulin,
- Starch,
- Apple acid and lemon acid,
- Pectin substances.
            The apricot in a dried kind contains sugar up to 80%.
            Kernels of some apricot seeds are sweet. They contain: oil up to 45-58% and protein up to 28%.
            As apricot fruits contain provitamin A, and potash salts, they are recommended at cardiovascular diseases, diseases of kidneys. The apricots and dried apricots are recommended as diuretic too.
            In China apricot seeds are used as a sedative at cough, hiccups, and in a complex with other herbs are treated bronchitis, a whooping cough and a nephrite.
- improves memory;
- raises working capacity of a brain;
- increases the hemoglobin;
- raises resistibility of organism against various diseases.