Drunk Duck. How to cook

Ingredients for Drunk Duck: 1 duck of average size,  1 bunch of spicy greens,  1 onion, 100g of butter,  Beer - on capacity of a brazier, 1 bunch of grapes, Salt and black ground pepper

In a pan dismiss butter, roast the thin onion slices, put a duck, drawn and tied up by a thread. When the duck will well be fried from every side, fill in with beer, add salt, pepper, add spicy greens, close a cover and set on fire about 60 minutes, often watering with the formed sauce.

When the duck will be ready, take out it from a pan, remove thread and leave in a hot kind.

Take out spicy greens from pan, add grapes (without seeds) in sauce, and boil 1-2 minutes. Pour sauce on duck, lay out on a dish. Serve up in very hot kind with rice “on- Creole”