There are some ways of the accelerated reproduction of a potato.

Seedling farming. 20-25 days prior to planting tubers are stacked in a warm light room for sprouting.  Tubers are transplanted in hotbeds or on well fertilized plot on distance of 1-2cm one from another. For protection planting from frosts is covered with floor-mats or straw. When shoots will reach 8-10cm, shoots are carefully separated from tubers and transplanted on a constant place. If soil is dry, after planting it is necessary to water seedling. Uterine tubers are left on the place. In 15 days they will give new seedling which is transplanted as well.

Bush division. Tubers are transplanted on 70-80cm one from another. When stalks will reach 15-20cm, stalks are separated from uterine tuber and transplanted between tubers. Uterine tubers are left on a place.

Seedling from shadow sprouts. In storehouses by the spring on tubers white sprouts are formed. Sprouts are cut on a part in length 5-6cm and transplanted in a box or on ridges on distance 10X5cm on depth 2/3 sprouts. It is necessary to water sprouts regularly. In two-three weeks seedling is transplanted on a plot.

Tuber parts planting. In day of planting large tubers are cut on parts with the formed sprouts. A knife from time to time is disinfected in a formalin solution to avoid of diseases.