At a small intestine disbacteriosis are increased:

- Eubacterium (in 30 times),
- Streptococcus (in 25 times),
- Enterococcus (in 10 times),
- Candida (in 15 times),
- Bacteria of stem Acinetobacter and a herp virus emerge.
And also, decrease from 2 to 30 times:
- Anaerobe,
- Actinomyces,
- Clebciellus,
- Other microorganisms - natural inhabitants of an intestine.
Reason of a disbacteriosis of a small intestine:
- Achylia, and-or disturbance of function of the ileocecal valve,
- Disturbance of intestinal digestion and absorption,
- An immunodeficiency,
- Disturbance of patency of an intestine.
Some microorganisms damage a small intestine epithelium. It brings to reduction of height of villuses.