Raw spinach (spinache) has “raw spinach nutrients”:
- Various vitamins, 
- Organic acids (spinach oxalic acid…),
- Series of mineral salts:
·         Potassium,
·         Calcium,
·         Phosphorus,
·         Iron (spinach iron)
·         iodine
·         Etc.
Spinach leaves has magnificent organic substances which are necessary for all gastrointestinal tract.
Spinach is useful to children as well influences growth and organism development.
            Possessing the good cleansing, antiseptic, disinfecting properties, spinach nutrients promote restoration of the broken functions of gastrointestinal tract. At the daily use of two glasses of spinach juice it is possible to cure constipation in the most serious form within several days.
            Other valuable property of spinach is its salutary influence on teeth and gum, ability to prevent a diarrhea.
It is possible to eat spinach without special restrictions.
Eat spinach in a raw, boiled, tinned and dried kind.
To older persons, and also sick of gout, cholelithic and nephrolithiasis it is necessary to concern spinach with care.

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