Celandine (celandine poppy - Chelidonium diphyllum) contains:
- Alkaloids,
- Volatile oil,
- Vitamin C,
- Saponins,
- Apple acid,
- Lemon acid,
- Amber acid.
            In medical practice celandines are applied at jaundice, gout, as diuretic, laxative and anaesthetic. For toxicity of preparations, intake and enema should be done only in clinical conditions.
            Celandine (greater celandine, lesser celandine) fresh lacteal juice in folk medicine is widely used at:
- Removal of wart (verrucous, verruga, verrugas, verucas, verrucca, verucca),
- Removal of callosities,
- Removal of pigmentary stain on a skin.

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