Threadleaf tickseed (beggar tick, beggars tick, beggar-ticks, bur-marigold) contains:
- Volatile oil,
- Tannins,
- Carotin,
- Ascorbic acid.
            In traditional medicine the threadleaf tickseed is applied at:
- Illnesses of respiratory apparatus,
- Infringement of a metabolism,
- Languid digestion,
- Illness of blood,
- A toothache.
Fill in with a cup of boiled water one table spoon of the crushed dried tickseed, boil by 20 minutes and filter. For children is more than ten years old and the adult it is appointed on a quarter of a cup three times a day to a hungry stomach. (Use it only under the recommendation of the doctor!!!)
The tickseed broth is widely used external at various skin diseases: -
- Scrofulous,
- A diathesis,
- Allergic reactions, with a strong itch.

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