Leaves, roots and seeds of chicory contain, in particular:

- Inulin,
- Intibin glycoside.
In flowers are available:
- Glucose,
- The lacteal juice containing bitter substances.
Chicory is used in folk medicine in conditions as:
- Illness of a gastrointestinal tract,
- tumour of a spleen,
- loss of strength,
- hysteria,
- diabetes,
- sick liver,
- cirrhosis,
- jaundice.
Three table spoons of the crushed root (leaves, seeds) of chicory infuse in boiled water and maintain on a boiling water bath of 30 minutes, constantly stirring slowly. Take three times a day on a table spoon before meal.
It is possible to restore normal sight, during short time, drinking daily a cup of a mix of juice of chicory, parsley, celery and carrots.

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