Birth control pills menstrual cycle

Contraceptive pills are the modern contraceptive preparations with effectiveness in 98 % of cases.
            During its using effects not contraceptive properties are observed also: at many women the condition of a skin, hair improves, menstrual cycle is normalized.
            Positive results from using of contraceptive pills are possible only at correct, individual selection of contraceptives.

Positive effects of contraceptive pills:

- Regulation of phases of menstrual cycle, of menstrual cycle stages, of average menstrual cycle length;
- Regulation of heavy menstrual cycle;
- Regulation of menstrual cycle heavy bleeding (heavy bleeding during menstrual cycle);
- Influence on unpleasant sensations in the middle of a cycle and before menstruation;
- Protection from iron deficiency anemia;
- Reduce frequency of "female" inflammatory diseases;
- Reduce risk of tumoral diseases of sexual sphere;
- Delay of development of an osteoporosis;
- Preventive maintenance of extra-uterine pregnancy;
- Medical effect at some skin diseases.

Possible negative effects of contraceptive pills:
- Temporal and slight increase of arterial pressure;
- In the presence of bilious stones, increase of bilious colic attacks is possible;
- More or less expressed intermenstrual bleedings;
- Unpleasant sensations from mammary glands;
- A headache;
- Nausea, vomiting;
- Mood change;
- Changes of a sexual appetite;
- Pigmentary stains or changes of colour of a skin, in the parts of a body which are exposed to influence of sunlight.

 At correct individual selection of contraceptives the risk of development of by-effects is minimized. For this purpose it is necessary to visit the gynecologist-endocrinologist and to pass corresponding inspection.