The wormwood contains:
- Absinthin,
- Anabsithin,
- Vitamin C,
- Volatile oil,
- Tannins.
The wormwood has antiseptic, febrifugal, styptic and antitoxic action. In medical practice wormwood preparations are used:
- At neurasthenia and neurological pains,
- At infringements of menstrual cycle,
- As calming at an epilepsy,
- At spasms,
- For treatment of ulcers and long time not healing wounds.
In folk medicine wormwood infusions are used for improvement of work of a stomach, and also at:
- Food poisoning,
- Diarrhea,
- Jaundice,
- Pain in a liver,
- Pain in a bilious bubble,
- Anemia (iron deficiency anemia),
- Sleeplessness,
- Worms (helminthes).
Table spoon of the crushed flowers and wormwood tops fill in with two cups of strong boiled water, two-three hours set aside and drink on a half-cup three times a day.
 Three table spoons of the crushed roots dissolve in half of liter of white wine, boil one minute (for bitterness easing it is possible to add honey), set aside and drink on three table spoons for half an hour to meal.
Alcoholism treatment. For treatment of alcoholism a wormwood is used in a mix with thyme.
In veterinary the wormwood is used, when disposal of fleas is required.

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