For seeds should be left on cucumber plant not more than two or three cucumbers which:
-     the early  fruit inception;
-     has а regular form;
-     has a proper size;
-     has other signs, characteristic for the given cucumber breed.
The remaining cucumbers, flowers and ovaries are removed.
Selected seed-bearing plants are marked, and the cucumbers are left on bines until the autumn frosts. Within summer it is necessary:
-     to weed out the weeds;
-     to loosen soil;
-     to pin bines to the ground;
-     to water the plants;
-     to fertilize right after selecting the seed-bearing plants through two or three weeks (3 tbsp of superphosphate and 6 tbsp of oven ashes in a bucket of water).
Before the onset of frost:
-     seed-bearing cucumbers should be relocated in a warm and well ventilated room;
-     when the cucumbers will be dark yellow, will become soft, contents are took in a bowl with water and left few days to fermentation, changing the water every other day;
-     once the mass is strongly begun to foam, cucumber seeds are laid on a sieve;
-     the seeds are thoroughly washed with running water;
-     the seeds are laid on the canvas and put under the sun. During drying, cucumber seeds should be mixed constantly;
-     finally cucumber seeds are dried at the stove.
-     the seeds are stored in a dry place.
From 10kg of cucumbers can be obtained 120-150g  seeds.

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