Protected field (soil management). Cool season vegetables

Synthetic film allows accelerating plants fruiting and significantly increasing the yields of early vegetables. at first, film can cover:
-     sorrel,
-     rhubarb,
-     fennel,
-     parsley,
-     celery,
-     coriander;
then it can be transferred to cover plants of:
-     radish,
-     lettuce,
-     green onion,
-     plants of cucumber and tomato seedlings that were grown in the home.
Cucumber plants under film shelters begin to fruiting for 10-15 days earlier and with good care can give twice or three times more crops.
For vegetables most commonly polyethylene film is used. It best meets the requirements of plants and is not too expensive.
Polyethylene film from high temperature expands, and from low temperature shrinks, that must be considered at pulling it on the frames.
Frames can be made in the form of arcs from rods or wire. The arcs are stuck in the ground a meter from one another. In order the film does not sag and does not touch the plants, the arcs are connected with strings.
After film removing, care of plants is usual.