The structural, high-fertile soil is necessary for cultivation of sprouts and vegetables in hotbeds. 0.25-0.3m2 of such mix is required for one hotbed. The soil is mixed from:

Sod soil,
Humus soil,
Leaf soil,
Good garden soil,
Grey or white coarse-grained sand;
The best is the sod soil. For preparation of sod soil, the sod cover is cut off in the thickness 10-12sm.  Layers of sod are put in stack in layer-by-layer: a grass to a grass. Through each two layers of sod it is recommended to stack manure layer 10-15sm. It is necessary to water dry sod or, that is better, to pour with a dung-water solution. At preparation of sod in the early spring the sod soil will be ready in a year. Within summer the stack two-three times is excavated.
The humus soil is got at decomposition of organic substance in hotbeds or in compost heaps. At compost preparation the vegetative trash, manure, other organic materials are put in a stack where they rot through. The soil rich with nutrients is as a result formed. The humus soil can be getting in one-two year at two-three times shoveling of a stack within summer.
For preparation of the leaf soil the leaves collected in the autumn are stacked in heaps in a shady place. Within summer the heap some times are watered and shoveled. Leaves are rotted through in two years, forming the easy soil. It is good admixture to the dense sod soil.