Big bud

       With Big bud are connected strong deformation blossom and lignified tomato fruits. This is virus disease. Leafhoppers - small sucking insects transfer the big bud.
       Reservation of virus are long-term weeds (basically, sheepbine - convolvulus arvensis ). Big bud more in the south is extended. The affected fruits are unsuitable to the use. First signs of Big bud - turn pink of young runaways. Soon the bottom leaves become violet too. They are as though combined along an average rib. It turns out so-called "boat". Calyx lobes grow together, and the blossom reminds a hand bell. Internal parts of a blossom take an ugly form. Affected blossom do not form fruits. Fruit-set before defeat of plants fruits have no taste. They have the wrong form.
       Basically Big bud has local character as frog-flies are not capable to fly on the big distance. The damp weather interfering development frog-flies, reduces affected plants.
       In struggle with Big bud good results give:
- Cultivation of early grades of plants,
- Early planting of sprouts,
- Thickening of a plants,
- Mulching soils with straw,
- Destruction of weeds,
- Careful autumn dig over a site.