Bean or beet bin plant louse

       Leaves of a beet, carrots, eggplant, potato and other plants are rolled owing to Bean or beet bin plant louses.
Bean or beet bin plant louse lives on the bottom part of leaves, on stalks where exhausts juice of plants. As a result leaves are braided is longitudinal, plants look sickly and give a low crop.
       Very warm and early spring promotes the strengthened development of a plant louse. The pest is destroyed by larvae of flies-sylphs, golden-eyed flies, and also various ichneumon-flies.
       In struggle against a plant louse apply:
- Tobacco infusion,
- Spraying by 2 %-s' solution of soap (200 g on 10 l of water).
       Plants chemicalizing it is necessary at the very beginning of occurrence of the pest when leaves are not rolled yet.