Illness a Tomato mosaic

       Illness a Tomato mosaic is caused by a virus. The Tomato mosaic proves out in the open and protected ground on leaves. Leaves become speckled, become shallow, and are deformed. At strong development of Tomato mosaic, fruits are not formed. The virus extends at top removal of seedlings, planting of sprouts to a constant place and carrying out of other agricultural technicians. Also carriers can be the insects parasitizing on plants of a tomato.
       Struggle measures:
- Use for crops only seeds from healthy plants,
- Removal of the affected sprouts and disinfection of soil by 1 % s' solution of potassium permanganate,
- Spraying of sprouts by 0.05%-s' solution of boric acid three-five days prior to its planting to a constant place and - repeatedly after 10 - 15 days;
- In hotbeds and under small-sized film shelters spraying of plants by 0.1%-s' solution of boric acid (1g on 1l of water);
- Destruction of the vegetative rests and weeds after picking of fruits,
       - Disinfection of hotbed frames and tares by 5%-s' solution of potassium permanganate.