Simple ways of struggle against slugs

       Naked slugs (snails) are dangerous pests of vegetable plants. In cool rainy weather on kitchen garden snails happens especially much. Slugs strongly damage cabbage, carrots, parsley, a beet, pepper, a cucumber, an eggplant, peas, a string bean, salad, other vegetables, a potato. They eat away oblong holes in leaves. In root crops, fruits and tubers of a potato slugs do deep cavities. Slugs conduct a nocturnalism. In the daytime Slugs usually hide under soil lumps, plants. At night slugs leave refuges and damage plants. The damaged root crops and tubers rot.
       To get rid of slugs:
- Between beds after rains scatter a strip slaked lime, wood ashes or superphosphate powder in the evening,
- After 30-40 minutes such processing should be repeated,
- It is possible to use also baits - to scatter between beds of a crust of a water-melon, a melon, a pumpkin. Slugs, catching a pleasant smell, quickly slip from plants and pass to new juicy and sweet forage, willingly eating it. Early in the morning collect them and destroy.
- It is necessary to avoid crops thickening,
- Carefully to weed weeds,
- In due time to delete from a site the postpicking rests, which also are in use as a refuge for slugs.