Slimy bacteriosis is caused by bacteria, amazing, along with cabbage and turnips. Slimy bacteriosis shows itself first in sliming upper leaves, and then the entire head is in the decay and the inside of the stump. During the period of storage of cabbage heads with little damage to the stump disease development slows down. In the spring of a head is seed plants initially develop normally, and then they die. 
       The causative agent is stored in plant residues, the seed is not passed. In the growing disease-carrying pests are, in particular cabbage fly. Development of the disease contributes to a warm (20 - 25 °) and rainy weather. In cold and wet summer strongly decaying stump. 
       Control measures include:
crop rotation (should be planted after sugar beet cabbage, legumes, not the targeted vascular bacteriosis), 
destruction of the cabbage fly, 
the removal of the vegetation period of infected plants, 
collection and destruction of crop residues, 
storage cabbage at a temperature close to zero.