PLANT PESTS and DISEASES. A vascular bacteriosis

       The vascular bacteriosis affects white cabbage and a cauliflower, a garden radish. Leaves turn yellow, cores on them blacken. In storehouses on affected heads of cabbage black rot is formed. On pods and stalks testicle there is black stains, plants wither. From shutters of pods the infecting agent gets into seeds and infects them.
       Development of the vascular bacteriosis is promoted by warm rainy weather. At high humidity of air of a plant are affected more strongly and more often. The bacteria causing the vascular bacteriosis remained in soil, on the vegetative rests and in seeds.
       Cultural control: 
- Warming up of seeds in water in temperature 48 - 50 ° within 20 minutes with the subsequent immersing of seeds in cold water for two-three minutes; 
- Alternation of cultures (returning of cabbage to a former place not earlier than in four years); 
- Ravage of weeds;
- Dressing with potash fertilizers;
- Gathering and destruction of the vegetative rests; 
- Deep autumn dig over soils.