White rot of carrots. Signs. Crop protection.

       At affect of root crops by white rot the tissues are softened, on them there is a mycelium. If the affected root crops to plant in soil for the purpose of getting of seed, they usually perish. Infection sources are the soil and the vegetative rests on which the causative agent of white rot winters. Thus, the fungus affects root crops still in the field. In storehouse white rot also extends through soil and the vegetative rests.
       Except carrots, the fungus of white rot affects cabbage, a beet, parsley, celery, and a tomato.
       Preventive measures against white rot: 
- Good clearing, whitewashing and disinfection of places of storage of production, 
- Rejection damaged, rotted and wilted root crops, 
- Observance of a mode of storage, 
- Annual replacement of the sand used for alternation of root crops.