·  herbalists advised to allergic person to carry themselves apple vinegar. Patients irrigated with apple vinegar of a sore, an itch, a skin eruption. For irrigating it is possible to use also, grape vinegar. They advised to take once a day a teaspoon of a solution of apple vinegar and water with stale black bread;

· Avicenna prescribed to take broth of mint (mountain mint) with a fig;

· in the beginning of a season of an allergy healers prescribed to eat the boiled turnip;

· on boiling water to put seeds and stalks of plant «isiriq» (hermala) and to boil 2-3 minutes. Cool it. To irrigate an allergic rash with this broth;

· for allergy preventive maintenance healers prescribed to drink koumiss (house milk) before meal;

· from kefir (curdled milk, yogurt) to make cottage cheese («suzma», «chakka»). For allergy preventive maintenance healers prescribed to eat this cottage cheese together with meal;

· to take a white ground egg shell (1,5-3g in day) for facilitates a condition of the patient;

· Indian healer Thakor prescribed an urinatherapy for allergy treatment. For adult on 60-100g, for children till 10 years 20-50g two times a day up to 30 mines to meal.

· in a thermos to put suck-bottle flowers. To fill in with boiled water at the rate of one cup on 1 tbsp flowers. To leave for 30 minutes. To filter. To take on a floor of a cup of 4-5 times in day in a warm kind. Helps at a rash, scrofula, an itch, eczema, furunculosis, as the means clearing blood.

·  healers prescribed to take juice of fresh roots of a celery odorous 3 times a day before meal on 1-2 tsp. Instead of juice it is possible to use broth: ground roots to fill in with cold water at the rate of a cup floor on 1 tbsp of roots. To leave for 2 hours. To filter. To take on 1/3 cups before meal. Helps at an allergic itch, dermatitis, a gout, and illnesses of kidneys. Also used as a diuretic and a light depletive; 

· instead of black tea to drink green tea.