For dough: 500g flour, 1 egg, 0.5 cups of warm water, 1 tsp salt.

For sauce: 500g meat, 100g oil, 3 — 4 onions, 10 sweet pepper, 5 — 6 tomatoes,  1 garlic, salt and pepper — to taste.

For design: 6 eggs, 1 bunch of greens (fennel, coriander), 1 laurel leaf, grape vinegar — to taste.

            Prepare not very hard dough, roll in a sphere. Cover with a damp napkin and leave to 10-15 min. Then divide dough for balls in size about a walnut. From these balls roll strips with hands in size and in the length about a thick pencil. Grease with vegetable oil that did not stick to each other. Flatten strips in tapes in the thickness in 2—3 mm, width in 2—3 cm.  Holding for both ends, extend longer tapes, striking the middle to board.  Tapes are turned out in size 1mm thickness and 40—50 cm long. Tear off slices from the tape in size about a coin and put in a pan with the salted boiling water. When dough slices will emerge upward, remove them with colander. Rinse them in cold water. Divide for the portions, put in kosa (the big bowl in capacity 0.5liter). Fill in sauce.  Sauce prepares so. Cut meat to small slices. Fry in the heated oil together with onion rings, chopped garlic. Add crushed sweet pepper and tomatoes (straws of a radish and tomato paste in the winter and in the spring). Add salt, pepper and a laurel leaf. Add water and cook on slow fire to readiness of all products.

            At serving up put fried eggs above manpar.


These are very tasty