The calendula contains:
- Carationids,
- Glycosides,
- Various pitches,
- Mucous substances,
- Bitter substances,
- Essential oils.
            The calendula promotes normalization of cardiac activity, reduces hypostases, and favorably operates at:
- Gastritis,
- Ulcer of a stomach,
- Ulcer of a duodenal gut,
- Colitis,
- Diseases of a liver,
- Diseases of bilious ways.
            Calendula infusion is used to oral and throat rinsing at quinsy and stomatitises; it can be used for irrigation at treatment of cervical erosion
Calendula flowers Infusion: take 20g of raw materials (two table spoons), place in the enameled ware, fill in with a cup of boiled water, close a cover and steam on a water bath stirring of 15 minutes, cool half an hour, filter. Then add boiled water to infusion volume to a cup.
Take the infusion in a warm kind on two table spoons two-three times a day to half an hour to meal.