Cherry fruits contain:

· fructose and glucose,
· vitamins C, A, B, РР,
· apple acid, 
· lemon acid,
· tannic, nitrogenous and painting substances,
· copper,
· potash,
· magnesium,
· iron and other minerals.
 The cherry and cherry juice helps at:
- Anemia,
- Illnesses of kidneys and lungs,
- Atherosclerosis,
- Diarrhea,
- Bronchitis,
- Multiple bronchiectasis,
- Tracheitis.
Infusion from pulp of fruits of a cherry is used:
- As febrifugal and freshening means at catarrhal diseases,
- For fermentation reduction in intestines, 
- For appetite increase.
Cherry juice perniciously operates on activators of a dysentery and pyogenic infections.
In folk medicine water infusion of fruits of a cherry is used as calming and anticonvulsive means.