Fruits of a hawthorn and its flowers contain:
· heparin,
· vitexin,
· pertinacious substances (to 6 % on crude substance),
· coumarin 0,7-3,4%,
· olein acid,
·  acetylcholine and its derivatives.
Seeds of a hawthorn contain amigdalin,
The hawthorn pulp contains:
- tartaric acid, 
- Lemon acid,
- Sugar.
- Stimulates cardiac activity,
- Reduces arterial pressure.
Hawthorn is used at:
- Sleeplessness,
- Cardiac neurosis,
- Nervous illnesses,
- Insufficiency of blood circulation at the aged,
- Illnesses of the climacteric period,
- An atherosclerosis.
  The hawthorn in the form of broth of fruits (20g on a cup of water) or flowers (3 tbsp on 3 cups of boiled water) is used; it is drunk on a cup 3 times a day, half an hour to meal.