The nettle contains a considerable quantity of:
- Vitamin C
- Vitamin K,
- Vitamins of group B,
- Carotin,
- Formic acid,
- Chlorophyll,
- Iron salt,
- Calcium,
- Sulphur,
- Sugar,
- Protein.
A nettle:
- Raises coagulability of blood,
- Helps to raise hemoglobin,
- Helps to increase erythrocyte,
- Helps to increase thrombocyte,
- Helps to lower concentration of sugar in blood,
- Renders wound healing action,
- Renders diuretic effect,
- Renders general health-improving action.
  The nettle is applied at conditions as:
- Pulmonary illness,
- Hemorrhoids
- Intestinal bleeding,
- Avitaminosis,
- Atherosclerosis,
- Kidneys sick,
- Bladder sick,
- Liver sick,
- Bilious bubble sick,
- The broken metabolism.
For external use the nettle is used as irritating means at:
- Radiculitis,
- Rheumatism,
- Wound,
- Burn,
- Loss of hair.
 Directions of use: 4 teaspoons of the crushed nettle fill in with a cup of strong boiled water; 10 minutes infuse, and drink this quantity for a day.
 The same infusion, but with the doubled quantity of a nettle, use for lotions and compresses at burns and for treatment of wounds.