Origanum flowers contain:
- Tannins,
- Essential oil,
- Ascorbic acid,
- Flavonoid.
The origanum essential oil possesses a pleasant smell and comprises antiseptic substance thymol.
Origanum tincture is taken as an expectorant or when it is necessary to treat various gastrointestinal diseases.
Preparations made of an origanum, have soothing effect on the central nervous system. Thanking these preparations, secretion of bronchial and digestive glands amplifies, rising of a tonus of an intestine and an intestine peristaltic is reached.
Origanum is applied at: 
- Female illnesses,
- Sleeplessness,
- Furuncles,
- Abscesses,
- Dentagra,
- Gravedo,
- Syncope,
- A rachitis and scrofula at children (grassy baths: 50g flowers on 10l of water).